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When we started this company, we had no idea what we were getting into.

Sure, we knew we wanted to make a life out of doing what we love. But we never expected to form such strong relationships with our incredible team members and our loyal clients over the years. Let's take a fun trip down memory lane and see how far we've come together.

The Medium 2003 - 2023 20 Years

Formative Years


On a road trip Josh and Lisa find clarity. We will no longer be employees. Instead we will start our own design firm! Ah, to be young and passionate again.


We land our first full scale identity project! Due to MapQuest errors on a flip phone we are 45 minutes late for the discovery meeting.

Facebook launches.


Lisa is done pretending she knows how to code. Vinny joins us, and now our websites don't break anymore. We learn that if you want things done right, hire a professional.

First iPhone released.
Global economic recession.


We can't keep up with our growing client base! Jacqui is hired and saves Josh from a nervous breakdown.

Free website creators & crowd source design start to gain steam.
Will this put us out of business?

Growing Pains


The Medium continues to work from home (way before it was cool). But after almost ten years, working from home has lost its luster. The hunt for an office begins.

‘The Medium' is often mistaken for a psychic cult. We consider adding fortunetelling to our services.


Work/life balance is here! We have an office space! Located next door to a dog wash and a nail salon, and across the street from a dive bar, it really has it all. And we love having a cozy place our clients can visit. (Please come by!)


Justin, Michele and Lisa B. have joined our talented team of PM's, designers & devs. But wait - something's still missing. Jacqui adopts Honey the dog. It's official. We are now a fully functioning design agency!

Google+ shuts down.
Did anyone actually use that?


Our client base has expanded in all directions. The tech startup scene is booming and we have new opportunities with global health, non-profits, local breweries & wineries, and comic books. The world of a design firm is an eclectic one.

Coming of Age


Let's just skip over this part.

NASA Perseverance rover lands on Mars.


Designers Nicole & Alex become the newest members of our crew. The horizon is bright with such a hardworking and skillful team on board. Ahoy!

A.I. logo generators start to take off.
We wonder yet again if our jobs will become automated.


With success comes responsibility. More resources means we can give our time to organizations that need help, teach art classes in the community and work on the projects that we truly believe in.


The Medium turns the big Two-Oh!! Almost old enough to buy alcohol. What's that? It's been hitting the sauce all along? Well, cheers to another 20!

Thank you!

A special shout out to some of our longest lasting client relationships. Some of whom have been with us since our infancy. It's been so amazing to watch your organizations grow alongside ours. Thanks to everyone who has collaborated with us, challenged us, and helped make The Medium what it is today.

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