PR minus the BS. We collaborated with our favorite PR firm to create this responsive custom wordpress site.

Custom Video Production

To execute our homepage design concept, we set up a video shoot at the Seattle office. The video stars Mack, of course, BPR mascot and family member who exemplifies many things PR, believe it or not. His natural acting skills are evident here. We ended up with many poses and expressions, picked the best one, and optimized it for this custom, responsive WordPress site.

“We’ve worked with The Medium to evolve our website several times over the last 10 years. Lisa and her team have worked hand in hand with us every step of the way and are highly responsive to all of our requests – even the last minute ones! We have even referred The Medium to our clients as we’ve been so impressed with their work.”

Karli Overmier   |   Chief Operating Officer

Round 4:

We don’t mean that it took us four tries to get it right. We mean Round 4 in a good way. Good because this is the FOURTH TIME they’ve come back to us for an updated and refreshed web presence. We love clients who keep coming back – these relationships grow into long term partnerships and are the true backbone of our business. The Barokas PR identity has remained constant each time, but we continue to upgrade it to reflect the evolving sophistication of this growing business. Plus, as a PR company specializing in Tech, it’s important that their website reflect the most modern, ahead-of-the-curve aesthetic and usability.

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