Apptentive’s mobile engagement software allows companies to listen to, engage with, and retain their mobile customers. We’ve been working with this fantastic company since their inception to create their identity, website and all brand materials. Spread the LOVE!

2021 Benchmark
Interactive Webpage.

For Apptentive’s 2021 Mobile App Engagement Benchmark Report, we were asked to not only create a PDF version of the report but an accompanying interactive webpage.

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A lasting partnership.

It’s easy to say we have lasting partnerships, but if you look at our history with Apptentive you can see our relationship with them and the way we’ve supported, evolved, and changed together over the last five years.

Josh Tuininga, our creative director, began collaborating with the Apptentive founders in 2012. He worked on their new brand identity, website, collateral materials, and swag. At that time, they worked out of Robi’s apartment in Queen Anne. Four guys with a dream and some actual programming skills, plus a newly recruited creative department (Josh). Fast forward a few years and both teams had grown rapidly. Apptentive gained a sales wing, more developers, and a need for ever-more design assets for whitepapers, blog posts, expanding social campaigns, ads, and trade show collateral. The Medium had two more designers on staff, in order to meet the growing needs of happy clients including (but not limited to) Apptentive.

It’s now 2018 and we have been through three website overhauls together, numerous (lengthy) powerpoint deck designs, the inaugural Customer Love Summit event design collateral, and more. Apptentive, thanks for bringing us with you on your journey from startup to global brand. It’s been awesome!

“The Medium team aren’t just a design firm, they’re like an extended part of the Apptentive family. Their handling of our brand and stewardship of our visual presentation has ensured that Apptentive’s visual presence is as compelling and memorable as our message. Not a week goes by without a compliment for their work and we don’t know what we’d do without them.”

Robi Ganguly   |   CEO

Feeling the love.

Our friends at Apptentive moved into their new downtown Seattle office recently, and they have been in need of something to fill the empty walls. Last year I committed to painting a mural in the new space. I finally got around to keeping my promise!


The first vision that popped into my head for a visual concept was Propaganda Art. When I think of propaganda art there is sort of a negative connotation – war posters. But I also think it can be a cool way to influence the attitude of a community towards a POSITIVE cause or position.

From a design perspective, the bold techniques and compositions of some of these old posters are really ahead of their time.  I love the limited pallete and symmetry of these designs.

The concept also fits really well with the Apptentive brand. Apptentive is on a mission. They are making it easier for companies to build stronger relationships with their customers. They are revolutionaries in the industry, creating game changing tools that make it easy to connect with customers in a meaningful way. Build Loyalty, Spread the Love.


Instead of painting directly on the wall, I decided to build a large canvas so that Apptentive could easily relocate the art if needed. After building the 8 ft. frame, I cut two large panels of plywood to use as the canvas. Securing with large bolts added to the industrial aesthetic.


After the frame was done, I painted a base coat of white.

I laid down the first color. My kids walked in at this point. “Dad? Um… it doesn’t look very good.”

Here you can see the process of adding the additional color layers.

The finished product hanging in the office entry. Luckily we got it up to the second floor office without having to take it apart! However I did go through a wide range of weber grout bags to find the right color that combined with the masterpiece.

I delivered the new art to the office on Apptentive’s 4th birthday. Happy Birthday guys!!

There’s still a lot of wall space to cover, so I guess I’d better get back to work!

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