Silverdraft – Telling a Unique Supercomputer Story

Our ears and eyes light up when we hear phrases like “push the envelope” and “non-traditional” or “something unique that we haven’t seen before.”

These types of descriptors are a designer’s dream, as well as an exciting challenge. When Silverdraft approached us for a website redesign, Tim Tiscornia, President of Silverdraft, was speaking the truth when he said “I set the bar high.” Continue reading “Silverdraft – Telling a Unique Supercomputer Story”

Village Reach – Telling The Last Mile Story

VillageReach website
Our relationships within the Global Health community over the years have led us to some amazing projects. Last summer, VillageReach approached us to assist them with an identity update, a new website, and multiple pieces of collateral.

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Cascadia Capital – Investment Banking Has Never Looked Better

Cascadia Home

We had so much fun working with Cascadia Capital on their updated and improved web presence. The project included web design and development, copywriting, custom photography, and several pieces of printed collateral. The site has already gained the praise and recognition of other financial entities for the way it personalizes investment banking, shows the depth and breadth of experience within Cascadia, and puts the client front and center. Here are just a few highlights. Continue reading “Cascadia Capital – Investment Banking Has Never Looked Better”

Cornell Concert Series: Identity Overhaul!

Established in 1903, The Cornell Concert Series hosts musicians and ensembles of international stature and featuring a broad spectrum of the world’s music at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

The Cornell Concert Series came to us seeking an identity overhaul. They wanted a complete refresh of their logo, which would act as the foundation for their new website and future promotional materials.
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Can You Animate The Butterfly?

The Meridian School

The Meridian School, if you haven’t heard about it before, is an independent K-5 school located in a grand, century-old building nestled in a verdant Meridian Park in Wallingford. Meridian inspires children to approach learning with passion and curiosity.

Meridian came to us needing a complete redesign of their website. We started with organizing a photo shoot to capture the Meridian school environment. And, we used imagery as the focal point of the website design. Large scale photos really helped capture the uniqueness of the school.

“Can you animate the butterfly?” The Meridian School asked.
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The Center for Psyche & the Arts, LLC – Custom WordPress Website for a Unique Art Therapy Center


When the owner of The Center for Psyche & the Arts, LLC approached us, she was frustrated with trying to customize an existing WordPress theme on her own. This happens often – it appears that to the ambitious, savvy user, these things should be doable without much trouble. However, the opposite is true. To really get the aesthetic, flexibility, and tools you need, it’s important to bring in a professional. (Wink wink. That would be us.) And of course, the bonus is that you get a website that not only works exactly as you want, but it also looks great and matches the identity and personality of your business!
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Round 3:

Barokas PR We don’t mean that it took us three tries to get it right. We mean Round 3 in a good way. Good because this is the THIRD TIME they’ve come back to us for an updated and refreshed web presence. We love clients who keep coming back – these relationships grow into long term partnerships and are the true backbone of our business. The Barokas PR identity has remained constant each time, but we continue to upgrade it to reflect the evolving sophistication of this growing business. Plus, as a PR company specializing in Tech, it’s important that their website reflect the most modern, ahead-of-the-curve aesthetic and usability.

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WaterTectonics – Dynamic & Responsive (and good-looking) Online Presence

WaterTectonics We are very proud to introduce our newest website launch. This project was the ultimate collaboration between our entire design team, our stellar developer Vinny McKee, and a client with really constructive feedback and ideas – making the process seamless from start to finish. Continue reading “WaterTectonics – Dynamic & Responsive (and good-looking) Online Presence”

The Christianson Development – Easy to Manage Unit Info & Availability for Renters


The Christianson Development is a group of Delridge Townhomes. What sets them apart is the rental experience – their managers are reachable, responsive, and hassle-free. We recently completed this site, which acts as a useful tool for the building owner and managers. Well – let me back up – first we created the identity for the building, which takes the profile of the street view and with custom illustration interprets it as a classy, recognizable icon.
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Welcome, Film Websites!

Finding Hillywood
We’ve been on a big film and documentary kick over the past few months. And we love it! Not just because we love the art form, but we also love collaborating with creative people. It’s also so rewarding to work on projects that have social impact. Check out these 3 projects that we recently launched:

Finding Hillywood is a feature documentary about the beginning of Rwanda’s film industry, and a real life example of how art heals. The story follows a group of young filmmakers in Rwanda as they tour the country and show their movies on a huge inflatable film screen. For many Rwandans viewing these movies, this is the first time they’ve ever seen film. Out of so much tragedy and genocide, this movie is truly about a new beginning and a positive way to heal. World Premiere Screening at the Seattle International Film Festival on May 29th at 7pm!  Visit site>

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