Adventure Awaits – An Awesome Resource for Washington Parks Users

Adventure Awaits

Washington parks contacted us to collaborate on a web project. Their vision – a highly interactive website to promote the parks and the new Discover Pass. By offering valuable information about the parks and other recreational secrets in Washington State, as well as inviting visitors to share their stories and photos, the new site is truly a comprehensive resource for outdoor enthusiasts throughout our region.
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Seattle Community Care

Community Care provides aides for special needs children and youth in the Seattle area. They came to us needing some help with their marketing materials and what started as a logo refresh turned into a complete identity overhaul. Continue reading “Seattle Community Care”

Barokas PR – Beautiful, With Brains

Barokas PR

No, seriously, “Beautiful, but with brains” is the description Howie of BPR gave us when we met last summer to discuss a redesign for his site.

BPR’s first site (a flash site we completed for them in 2006) was definitely beautiful. When we embarked on the redesign for their site, his team emphasized they didn’t really want a ‘redesign’ – they continued to receive compliments every week about how edgy and cool their website was. They just wanted to add more features under the hood – aka “brains” – to the site.

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Mt. Si Montessori – New Materials for our Favorite School!

Mt Si Montessori site

We had such fun creating a new identity system and website for Mt. Si Montessori!  This also happens to be the school our twins attend (while they are there, we can finally get some work done!). Owner Susan Lenihan was interested in a fun, yet professional and modern update.  Her son took amazing photos of their facility for the site, and we created a custom illustration for the logo to convey the surroundings (mountain/pastoral) and the school’s signature white fence and field which is unique to their location and one of the first things you see from the road. School also needed some restoration and this is where water damage repair company helped out.

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The Dawn of True Web Type

Here at The Medium, we are excited about a revolutionary but complex breakthrough in website design—the flexibility and freedom of font options for the web like we’ve never seen before.

A major part of any design, print or interactive, is the typography—the fonts, sizes, weights, spacing of text—but technical limitations have always been a roadblock to the control and flexibility of type in web design. Finally, these barriers are beginning to come down, and web typography is starting to see the same kind of beautiful, unique font options that exist in the print world.
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Washington Global Health Fund – A New Identity Package and Website for a Good Cause


We were asked to come up with a logo, stationary set, and website for the WGHF (Washington Global Health Fund.) This is a really cool organization that gives grants to up and coming businesses that directly impact health – while also increasing jobs like the rehabs in California or sites on other states to help with addictions like and others.  Since they are affiliated with Washington Global Health Alliance, they wanted the Fund logo to show a visual correlation while still having some unique attributes.

Here is our identity solution for Washington Global Health Fund:
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The Moisture Festival – Year Nine Redesign

We just finished the new Moisture Festival Website!

We’ve been working with them since year 5, when we designed and developed a new site for them. This year, it was time for an upgrade so we added tons of new features to make it more user friendly, more expansive, and also easier for them to update. And of course, we embellished and improved upon their existing design elements.
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Flash to HTML5 – Bainbridge Organic Distillers

We originally did this site in Flash. It has smooth background transitions, elegant scroll bars and fade in/out of header design elements. Now, it still has all those things. Except it’s built in HTML5.
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Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation – Site Redesign

Department of Archaeology & Historical Preservation

That is a mouthful! Not only were we happy to land such an interesting client, but also I finally learned how to spell archaeology on the first try. The site, launched in spring, 2011, and we are extremely proud of it. Here are some of the special nuances that went into this project.

We used the Drupal CMS because it was clear from the start that DAHP had a lot of custom content types, a lot of updating to be done on a regular basis, and a very large site. There are three levels of navigation and over 150 pages. Add to that some neat custom features like an architectural style guide, site-wide search function, and client control over header and footer images and we think we have a site that they will have fun maintaining for a long time to come. Their previous site was maintained with Contribute, which can work well on smaller sites, but they had definitely outgrown that and needed to move to something more robust.

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Olson’s Tack. Elegant E-Commerce.

Our longtime client Olson’s Tack came to us for a website redesign. They needed to sell a selection of products online, but mainly they wanted to be recognized as the Northwest’s premier equestrian shop with specialized, current information and an inventory hand-picked by experts.
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