Label Design for Hale’s Ales & Snoqualmie Brewery



I love beer. And, as a designer I get really inspired by beer label design. Beer label design is about the closest you can get to fine art in commercial design. No other labels in a store have such a variety of illustrative elements, typography and craftsmanship. It has always been a dream of mine to ‘tap’ into this industry and slowly but surely, my beer label career is finally starting to take off! Continue reading “Label Design for Hale’s Ales & Snoqualmie Brewery”

Seattle Community Care

Community Care provides aides for special needs children and youth in the Seattle area. They came to us needing some help with their marketing materials and what started as a logo refresh turned into a complete identity overhaul. Continue reading “Seattle Community Care”

The Dawn of True Web Type

Here at The Medium, we are excited about a revolutionary but complex breakthrough in website design—the flexibility and freedom of font options for the web like we’ve never seen before.

A major part of any design, print or interactive, is the typography—the fonts, sizes, weights, spacing of text—but technical limitations have always been a roadblock to the control and flexibility of type in web design. Finally, these barriers are beginning to come down, and web typography is starting to see the same kind of beautiful, unique font options that exist in the print world.
Continue reading “The Dawn of True Web Type”

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