Silverdraft – Telling a Unique Supercomputer Story

Our ears and eyes light up when we hear phrases like “push the envelope” and “non-traditional” or “something unique that we haven’t seen before.”

These types of descriptors are a designer’s dream, as well as an exciting challenge. When Silverdraft approached us for a website redesign, Tim Tiscornia, President of Silverdraft, was speaking the truth when he said “I set the bar high.” Continue reading “Silverdraft – Telling a Unique Supercomputer Story”

Humanities Washington – Top 10

This month, we are celebrating the launch of a flagship project by The Medium. We created a new website for Humanities Washington, and the finished product represents a lot of time and effort from all parties involved. Here are our favorite things about the project, in no particular order:
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Lenati: Slick New Website = More Engagement


Lenati is a premier marketing and sales strategy consulting company. They work with Fortune 100 companies, as well as growing organizations, helping them acquire, grow, and retain customers. Because they work with some of the biggest brands in the world, Lenati’s image must be as fresh as the innovative work they provide their clients. We were thrilled when they came to The Medium for an updated, compelling design to reflect their leadership in the marketing and sales industry. Continue reading “Lenati: Slick New Website = More Engagement”

Squarespace for Sweet Sites (on a budget)


Our genesis as a company (about 13 years ago!) was creating logos and simple websites for small businesses. Over the years we’ve worked extremely hard, and have been lucky enough to expand, improve our skills, and grow our business to be able to serve the complex web design needs of larger corporations and non-profits as well. However, it has remained an important part of our mission and our studio’s DNA to continue to serve business owners who are looking for something beautiful that won’t break the bank.

Enter Squarespace.

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Village Reach – Telling The Last Mile Story

VillageReach website
Our relationships within the Global Health community over the years have led us to some amazing projects. Last summer, VillageReach approached us to assist them with an identity update, a new website, and multiple pieces of collateral.

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Cascadia Capital – Investment Banking Has Never Looked Better

Cascadia Home

We had so much fun working with Cascadia Capital on their updated and improved web presence. The project included web design and development, copywriting, custom photography, and several pieces of printed collateral. The site has already gained the praise and recognition of other financial entities for the way it personalizes investment banking, shows the depth and breadth of experience within Cascadia, and puts the client front and center. Here are just a few highlights. Continue reading “Cascadia Capital – Investment Banking Has Never Looked Better”

Full Service Design for Scott Donogh Homes

Introducing another “return” client! We created the original Scott Donogh Homes website and logo back in 2008. Since that time, Scott Donogh Homes has grown their business substantially. They came to us with several new neighborhood “plat” developments in progress, and they needed signage, flyers and price sheets, logos for each neighborhood, and of course – a new website.

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Can You Animate The Butterfly?

The Meridian School

The Meridian School, if you haven’t heard about it before, is an independent K-5 school located in a grand, century-old building nestled in a verdant Meridian Park in Wallingford. Meridian inspires children to approach learning with passion and curiosity.

Meridian came to us needing a complete redesign of their website. We started with organizing a photo shoot to capture the Meridian school environment. And, we used imagery as the focal point of the website design. Large scale photos really helped capture the uniqueness of the school.

“Can you animate the butterfly?” The Meridian School asked.
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What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive Example
You may have heard about “responsive” websites. Are you wondering – what, exactly, does that mean?

A responsive website is a site which ‘responds’ to whatever environment it is shown in; so that it looks top-notch whether viewed on a desktop monitor, a hand held tablet, or a mobile phone.

The elements on the screen don’t just resize, though – they actually rearrange into a new hierarchy so that a viewer on any device can enjoy the site and without having to zoom, pan, hunt around or squint. This requires a more in-depth design approach, since we have to consider the various layouts and orientations that a site might be seen in.

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The Center for Psyche & the Arts, LLC – Custom WordPress Website for a Unique Art Therapy Center


When the owner of The Center for Psyche & the Arts, LLC approached us, she was frustrated with trying to customize an existing WordPress theme on her own. This happens often – it appears that to the ambitious, savvy user, these things should be doable without much trouble. However, the opposite is true. To really get the aesthetic, flexibility, and tools you need, it’s important to bring in a professional. (Wink wink. That would be us.) And of course, the bonus is that you get a website that not only works exactly as you want, but it also looks great and matches the identity and personality of your business!
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