Humanities Washington – Top 10

This month, we are celebrating the launch of a flagship project by The Medium. We created a new website for Humanities Washington, and the finished product represents a lot of time and effort from all parties involved. Here are our favorite things about the project, in no particular order:
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Infographics Spotlight – Giving Information a Visual Boost

As graphic designers, it is our job to help our clients communicate their message to their audience clearly and quickly. Often, the use of an infographic is a great way to convey a message without using a lot of text, since we know that people process images faster and better than words. It is also a perfect opportunity to promote the brand’s unique “personality” through the use of their color palette, icons, lines & shapes, fonts, and other visual elements of their brand. Continue reading “Infographics Spotlight – Giving Information a Visual Boost”

Lenati: Slick New Website = More Engagement


Lenati is a premier marketing and sales strategy consulting company. They work with Fortune 100 companies, as well as growing organizations, helping them acquire, grow, and retain customers. Because they work with some of the biggest brands in the world, Lenati’s image must be as fresh as the innovative work they provide their clients. We were thrilled when they came to The Medium for an updated, compelling design to reflect their leadership in the marketing and sales industry. Continue reading “Lenati: Slick New Website = More Engagement”

Website Photography Tips From Lindsey

Hi, I’m Lindsey, account manager and new member of The Medium team. For the past eight years I’ve primarily served as a stay-at-home-mom/manager of my three adorable animals gentlemen. I say ‘primarily’ because I also dabbled in real estate (my pre-mother career) and started a successful wedding photography side-business with my husband. These experiences were instrumental in preparing me for my role here at The Medium. I’m thrilled to be part of this talented and fun group of individuals, and also to get to know our amazing clients. Continue reading “Website Photography Tips From Lindsey”

Custom Propaganda Art for Apptentive

Apptentive MuralOur friends at Apptentive moved into their new downtown Seattle office recently, and they have been in need of something to fill the empty walls. Last year I committed to painting a mural in the new space. I finally got around to keeping my promise! Continue reading “Custom Propaganda Art for Apptentive”

Working With You Guys is SO EASY!


Something I’ve heard a lot during the last few months is that we “make things simple” for our clients. That’s a great compliment to get, and it’s made me think about the value of good Project Management. Communicating clearly, creating less (rather than more) work, streamlining the process, and in general keeping things simple has a high value.

You, the business owner, need to focus on your business. You have your own clients to satisfy, and your own areas of expertise to refine. When the need for high quality design work arises, it needs to fit within your agenda, and not add a lot of hassle or trouble.

To arrive at a finished product that matches your vision is a careful art of collaborating, directing, finessing, critiquing, budgeting, and communicating. A successful Project Manager does a lot of this behind the scenes, so that all the client sees are design options that look great, a beta site that performs seamlessly, and then a final invoice that is exactly what they expected.

So if our clients feel this way about us, fantastic, and I wanted to share the news! The whole team here is flattered. Here’s to keeping things simple.

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive Example
You may have heard about “responsive” websites. Are you wondering – what, exactly, does that mean?

A responsive website is a site which ‘responds’ to whatever environment it is shown in; so that it looks top-notch whether viewed on a desktop monitor, a hand held tablet, or a mobile phone.

The elements on the screen don’t just resize, though – they actually rearrange into a new hierarchy so that a viewer on any device can enjoy the site and without having to zoom, pan, hunt around or squint. This requires a more in-depth design approach, since we have to consider the various layouts and orientations that a site might be seen in.

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PMS Breakdown

When it comes to branding, color is a big deal. Numerous scientific studies have been done to figure out psychological associations to colors. For example, “red” is often associated with energy and urgency because when people see red, it physiologically increases their heartbeat. That’s why so many “SALE” signs are in red, as well as fast-food logos. “Blue” is often used in financial, healthcare, airline, and automobile logos because it is a calming color and creates the feeling of trust and security. But there isn’t just one “blue” or just one “red”. In fact the human eye can differentiate millions of colors in the spectrum, and selecting that perfect color (or colors) for a brand is not as easy as just saying “make it blue”. Once a brand’s color palette has been decided, designers and brand managers know “Brand Rule #1”: use those same exact colors across all applications of the brand—whether in print, packaging, signage, or on-screen. This is where it gets tricky. Because in reality, 100% color accuracy across all mediums is not even possible. That’s right. So much for “Brand Rule #1”. Here’s why color consistency is so fickle…
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The Dawn of True Web Type

Here at The Medium, we are excited about a revolutionary but complex breakthrough in website design—the flexibility and freedom of font options for the web like we’ve never seen before.

A major part of any design, print or interactive, is the typography—the fonts, sizes, weights, spacing of text—but technical limitations have always been a roadblock to the control and flexibility of type in web design. Finally, these barriers are beginning to come down, and web typography is starting to see the same kind of beautiful, unique font options that exist in the print world.
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