Squarespace for Sweet Sites (on a budget)


Our genesis as a company (about 13 years ago!) was creating logos and simple websites for small businesses. Over the years we’ve worked extremely hard, and have been lucky enough to expand, improve our skills, and grow our business to be able to serve the complex web design needs of larger corporations and non-profits as well. However, it has remained an important part of our mission and our studio’s DNA to continue to serve business owners who are looking for something beautiful that won’t break the bank.

Enter Squarespace.

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Miss Monster

I met Melly back in ’96 where we both studied art and animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. SAIC is a place where only the self motivated survive. It is a highly competitive school with a program so intense that the drop out rate is at almost 70 percent. Back then, Melly and I hung out in the same group of friends that all had one thing in common: We worked hard. Damn hard. We lived and breathed the art making process and learned from all of each other’s various disciplines. Melly was one of those top tier students that constantly pushed herself to improve her technique and explore new ideas. And she hasn’t ever stopped.

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Olson’s Tack. Elegant E-Commerce.

Our longtime client Olson’s Tack came to us for a website redesign. They needed to sell a selection of products online, but mainly they wanted to be recognized as the Northwest’s premier equestrian shop with specialized, current information and an inventory hand-picked by experts.
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