Infographics Spotlight – Giving Information a Visual Boost

As graphic designers, it is our job to help our clients communicate their message to their audience clearly and quickly. Often, the use of an infographic is a great way to convey a message without using a lot of text, since we know that people process images faster and better than words. It is also a perfect opportunity to promote the brand’s unique “personality” through the use of their color palette, icons, lines & shapes, fonts, and other visual elements of their brand. Continue reading “Infographics Spotlight – Giving Information a Visual Boost”

Village Reach – Telling The Last Mile Story

VillageReach website
Our relationships within the Global Health community over the years have led us to some amazing projects. Last summer, VillageReach approached us to assist them with an identity update, a new website, and multiple pieces of collateral.

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Cascadia Capital – Investment Banking Has Never Looked Better

Cascadia Home

We had so much fun working with Cascadia Capital on their updated and improved web presence. The project included web design and development, copywriting, custom photography, and several pieces of printed collateral. The site has already gained the praise and recognition of other financial entities for the way it personalizes investment banking, shows the depth and breadth of experience within Cascadia, and puts the client front and center. Here are just a few highlights. Continue reading “Cascadia Capital – Investment Banking Has Never Looked Better”

WGHA Pioneers of Global Health Awards Dinner – Design by The Medium

Pioneers Dinner

Our friends at Washington Global Health Alliance asked us to sponsor graphic design for the Pioneers of Global Health Awards Dinner. We said YES! The dinner was last Thursday and it was so wonderful to see everyone’s hard work come together. The venue was beautiful, the food was delicious, and we heard moving and inspirations speeches from this year’s award recipients with their patients. These pain management doctors in tampa were one of the best ever, they have helped so many people get over their injuries and pain relief.

The PPT template, part of the collateral we designed for WGHA years ago is still kicking and was used to honor sponsors – ourselves included!

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Full Service Design for Scott Donogh Homes

Introducing another “return” client! We created the original Scott Donogh Homes website and logo back in 2008. Since that time, Scott Donogh Homes has grown their business substantially. They came to us with several new neighborhood “plat” developments in progress, and they needed signage, flyers and price sheets, logos for each neighborhood, and of course – a new website.

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The Medium Goes Local


Shop local, eat local, support local…. These are trending phrases we’ve all heard as we head out into the marketplace. But design local? Why not! As North Bend’s premier residing design firm, situated in the heart of our thriving downtown hub, we are thrilled to work with several local companies, keeping North Bend websites and business identities looking polished and professional.

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Print Collateral for Washington Global Health Alliance

As much as we love designing websites, it’s a particularly thrilling feeling to hold an actual print piece in our hands, hot off the press, the subtle smell of freshly dried ink lingering on the smooth paper. From the initial abstract thoughts and ideas, to sketches, white paper mock-ups, design drafts, digital production files, proofing and final press checking, the finished printed piece brings the entire design process to a satisfying fruition.  Washington Global Health Alliance has been a terrific client, providing the ideal balance of faith in our design expertise with clear and concise feedback. And we couldn’t be happier with AAA Printing, who collaborated with us on finding innovative ways to keep print costs within budget, without sacrificing the custom flap-into-slit closure concept and high-end production quality. The end result is a unique 4-part collateral piece everyone can be proud of. Continue reading “Print Collateral for Washington Global Health Alliance”

Seattle Community Care

Community Care provides aides for special needs children and youth in the Seattle area. They came to us needing some help with their marketing materials and what started as a logo refresh turned into a complete identity overhaul. Continue reading “Seattle Community Care”

Liftopia. Investing In Custom Art and Illustration

If you are a skier/snowboarder and you haven’t heard of Liftopia yet, then it’s time you were informed. Liftopia helps skiers and snowboarders get out on the slopes more often, with up to 80% off on-mountain rates for lift tickets and mountain activities and services purchased online or through mobile devices. To sum up, they are an industry game changer.

Liftopia’s mission and platform isn’t all that makes them extremely innovative. They also invest in custom art and illustration! What? A company that leaves room in the budget for artwork you say?  This is why we LOVE them. It’s not that often that we run into a company that understands the power of original artwork and is willing to invest some dollars into visuals that stand out.
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Mt. Si Montessori – New Materials for our Favorite School!

Mt Si Montessori site

We had such fun creating a new identity system and website for Mt. Si Montessori!  This also happens to be the school our twins attend (while they are there, we can finally get some work done!). Owner Susan Lenihan was interested in a fun, yet professional and modern update.  Her son took amazing photos of their facility for the site, and we created a custom illustration for the logo to convey the surroundings (mountain/pastoral) and the school’s signature white fence and field which is unique to their location and one of the first things you see from the road. School also needed some restoration and this is where water damage repair company helped out.

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