Print Collateral for Washington Global Health Alliance

As much as we love designing websites, it’s a particularly thrilling feeling to hold an actual print piece in our hands, hot off the press, the subtle smell of freshly dried ink lingering on the smooth paper. From the initial abstract thoughts and ideas, to sketches, white paper mock-ups, design drafts, digital production files, proofing and final press checking, the finished printed piece brings the entire design process to a satisfying fruition.  Washington Global Health Alliance has been a terrific client, providing the ideal balance of faith in our design expertise with clear and concise feedback. And we couldn’t be happier with AAA Printing, who collaborated with us on finding innovative ways to keep print costs within budget, without sacrificing the custom flap-into-slit closure concept and high-end production quality. The end result is a unique 4-part collateral piece everyone can be proud of. Continue reading “Print Collateral for Washington Global Health Alliance”

PMS Breakdown

When it comes to branding, color is a big deal. Numerous scientific studies have been done to figure out psychological associations to colors. For example, “red” is often associated with energy and urgency because when people see red, it physiologically increases their heartbeat. That’s why so many “SALE” signs are in red, as well as fast-food logos. “Blue” is often used in financial, healthcare, airline, and automobile logos because it is a calming color and creates the feeling of trust and security. But there isn’t just one “blue” or just one “red”. In fact the human eye can differentiate millions of colors in the spectrum, and selecting that perfect color (or colors) for a brand is not as easy as just saying “make it blue”. Once a brand’s color palette has been decided, designers and brand managers know “Brand Rule #1”: use those same exact colors across all applications of the brand—whether in print, packaging, signage, or on-screen. This is where it gets tricky. Because in reality, 100% color accuracy across all mediums is not even possible. That’s right. So much for “Brand Rule #1”. Here’s why color consistency is so fickle…
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The Dawn of True Web Type

Here at The Medium, we are excited about a revolutionary but complex breakthrough in website design—the flexibility and freedom of font options for the web like we’ve never seen before.

A major part of any design, print or interactive, is the typography—the fonts, sizes, weights, spacing of text—but technical limitations have always been a roadblock to the control and flexibility of type in web design. Finally, these barriers are beginning to come down, and web typography is starting to see the same kind of beautiful, unique font options that exist in the print world.
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