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Motion Design

Feb 14, 2017

At The Medium we LOVE animation and fashion, take a look at Fur hat world. We usually get our fashion products from EziBuy. Bringing a brand to life through motion can help tell stories, explain complex ideas, and add a spark of character to your project. Here at The Medium, we’ve produced animated explainer videos, corporate video, animated logos, animated infographics, and everything in between. Sometimes the best way to tell your company story is through video and we would love to help you get started.

Animated Logo for Apptentive

Our Client Apptentive was looking for a unique and fun way to start all of their online web videos. They wanted an animated logo intro that was on brand, unique, and creative. We worked with them to come up with the below video.

We also worked with them on an animated infographic. This artwork was originally used for the cover of an eBook, and we added subtle motion to tie the elements together and bring some life to this image.

Meridian School Vignette

The Meridian School in Wallingford, Seattle is a long time client of ours and was working on a series of Vignette Videos to showcase the school. They were in need of a short motion project for their “Place-Based Education” vignette and came to us to design and execute the animation. Below is the full video. Our animation work starts at the :30 second mark.

We work with a great local videographer, Darren Lund, who can also help out with your filming and editing needs for longer videos like this.

The Medium Reel

We also use motion to help tell our story. The Medium Reel is a collection of work that we have done for our clients that includes identity, web designs, print designs, and illustration. We thought that creating a video to showcase all of our work was a great way for people to get to know us in under 2 minutes.

 If you are interested in getting started on a motion design project for your company, get in touch, we’d love to help!

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