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Humanities Washington – Top 10

Oct 31, 2016

This month, we are celebrating the launch of a flagship project by The Medium. We created a new website for Humanities Washington, and the finished product represents a lot of time and effort from all parties involved. Here are our favorite things about the project, in no particular order:

1. The moment Humanities Washington first approached us for a proposal. We actually had NO IDEA that such an organization existed in our state. We’ve since become one of their biggest fans.

2. A collaborative design process. We threw a lot, I mean A LOT, of homepage comps their way. Click through the slideshow below to see some of them:

They gave us great feedback and helped us evolve an idea – “Gain a New Perspective” that really has meaning as well as visual interest.


3. Going to lunch with HW Communications and Marketing Manager David at Twede’s here in North Bend and sharing book lists, favorite music, and Twin Peaks stories. Oh, and… talking about the website.

4. The way our rockstar developer Vinny integrated custom Salesforce data with WordPress, so that the new site could include a beautiful, dynamic, searchable calendar.


5. Tracking down Washington State images for the site background using Flickr, and then contacting the photographers for permission – AND they said Yes! (PS. photographers are all credited in footer of site, if you want to explore more of their work.)

6. Learning about ‘Think & Drink,’ a Humanities Washington program, which is exactly what it sounds like. Stimulating, educational talks in bars and wineries throughout the state. People, you now have no excuse not to be educated on current events.


7. Their quote, when asked for a testimonial for this post:

It isn’t just that The Medium’s designs feel fresh and original without being pretentious, or that they have the right instincts for clean and clear navigation, or the way they expertly handle the complex technical integration with existing databases or back-end elements. They also approach their work as human beings—with creativity, thoughtfulness, and honesty. We are a small nonprofit with limited time and technical knowledge, so we required a firm that understood and could work with our limitations. They get nonprofits, and provided expert guidance throughout the entire process. The Medium is a small firm, yet the speed, knowledge, and in some cases patience that they brought to our ideas—which ranged from the good, to the bad, to the ugly—was remarkable. We remain not only happy with the job they did, but grateful to know them.

8. The pride we feel when we hear about Humanities Washington in random places – we’ve see the HW logo on community fliers floating around our small town, heard them acknowledged on KUOW, and I just found out that the Speaker’s Bureau program is active at my Grandma’s retirement community.

9. Hearing that other Humanities organizations (there’s one in each state!) have serious cases of Website Envy. One said this:

I was going to list all the things I like about the new site, but it’s too long a list! Great, vibrant look, and I love how it’s organized.

10. Being able to count Humanities Washington as one of our clients, and offer them more great design work for the future. We’ve already designed the Speaker’s Bureau Booklet for 2017 – 2018, and new e-newsletter templates. Stay tuned for more.


Thanks Humanities WA, for the great work you do to promote critical thinking, education, and awareness in our state!


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