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Squarespace for Sweet Sites (on a budget)

Aug 6, 2015


Our genesis as a company (about 13 years ago!) was creating logos and simple websites for small businesses. Over the years we’ve worked extremely hard, and have been lucky enough to expand, improve our skills, and grow our business to be able to serve the complex web design needs of larger corporations and non-profits as well. However, it has remained an important part of our mission and our studio’s DNA to continue to serve business owners who are looking for something beautiful that won’t break the bank.

Enter Squarespace.

Squarespace has become our favorite solution for:

  • New companies who need a website V1 to get them off the ground
  • Small existing businesses looking for a simple, professional online presence
  • People interested in converting their static online presence to a responsive website (mobile/tablet friendly)


Squarespace offers a variety of beautiful, modern, and flexible templates to choose from. Now, Squarespace would have you believe that you can choose one of these templates and customize it yourself; WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. The amount of time and frustration to arrive at something merely ‘passable’ isn’t worth your time as a business owner. Invest some money in hiring a design firm to present some unique design options, help you think through your sitemap and navigation challenges, leverage great photography, and customize fonts + styles to make sure the new site truly reflects your business.

Another recent Squarespace site, which includes an online store.

J. Wilbur Foods Squarespace site, which includes an online store.

Squarespace comes with options we have grown to expect from any online platform – they offer an ecommerce option, a blog or news feed, analytics, the ability to display slideshows and portfolios, and a very intuitive administrative control panel for updating your own content and images.

For Pet Place Market, we included a plugin which displays facebook events.

For Pet Place Market, we included a plugin which displays facebook events.

Some recent examples of sites we have completed using Squarespace include:

If you’d like to discuss whether Squarespace could be the perfect solution for you, give us a shout! 

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