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Our local brewery and taproom! We developed the new labels for Snoqualmie’s flagship beers and continue to create new labels for their seasonal brews. We also designed a new logo and identity for the brewery to use in promotional materials and apparel.

Label Design for Hale’s Ales & Snoqualmie Brewery



I love beer. And, as a designer I get really inspired by beer label design. Beer label design is about the closest you can get to fine art in commercial design. No other labels in a store have such a variety of illustrative elements, typography and craftsmanship. It has always been a dream of mine to ‘tap’ into this industry and slowly but surely, my beer label career is finally starting to take off! (more…)

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Our ears and eyes light up when we hear phrases like “push the envelope” and “non-traditional” or “something unique that we haven’t seen before.”

These types of descriptors…

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